William Crighton

Breathes fresh and strikingly vivid life into the umbrous bush of traditional Australian balladry
~ Rolling Stone Magazine

William Crighton grew up in small towns around the Riverina, NSW (Wiradjuri). A fusion of traditional music and unexpected experimentation, William’s songs explore vivid stories across colourful themes and musical expressions.

From tales of murder and suicide to love and euphoric conversations with ants. A child in awe of nature William is a passionate environmentalist working against environmental destruction both on the ground and through his music.

Life to me is about relationships. Not just with people. We’re all family one way or another. Navigating these relationships and staying afloat on the great emotional torrent is obviously not always easy but it certainly means that stories are everywhere. I like to find them and explore them
~ William Crighton

Crighton has released 3 albums; William Crighton 2016, Empire 2018 and Water & Dust 2022.

The majority of his albums were written by him and his wife and collaborator Julieanne.

Crighton’s music and songs are not sculpted to fit fad or trend. He is travelling his own track.

Crighton looks like a Bushranger and sings like a sage
~ Henry Wagons, Double J

William is currently on tour in the UK and Europe playing numerous shows and festivals throughout the northern Summer. Check out the tour page for details.

PR enquiries to : nicole@revolutions.com.au

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