Hand Surgery / UK Tour Cancellation

Hand Surgery / UK Tour Cancellation

I am deeply saddened and very frustrated to announce that I have to cancel my UK tour which was due to begin this week.

My hand, which sustained an injury and subsequent bone infection in Jan 21 has flared back up.

I required surgery this week to remove a piece of wood that has been found to be still inside of my hand from the original puncture wound.

Why has it flared up this last week and been fine for the previous 12 months? I have no idea. It’s made the past 3 shows with Liz very painful.

I hate cancelling shows. Especially when this, my first UK headline tour was going to be such a good time.

I understand many of you went to big lengths, organising travel and planning roadtrips etc and I appreciate greatly everyone who was planning to come and spend a night/s with us.

This decision was a very difficult one to make.

However, the risk of long term damage if I delayed the treatment combined with the immediate impaired function for playing guitar made it the necessary one.

Surgery was done on Wednesday and looks like success. Two foreign bodies removed…looking forward to recovery!

Thanks for all of the love and support you’re sending my way.. I’ll be back out there ASAP and look forward to seeing you then.

Info on refunds/exchange will be coming from ticket sellers. Any problems let me know.

Lotsa love,


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