Weekend Evenings | ABC Radio National

Weekend Evenings | ABC Radio National

William Crighton and the stories of Australia

Had a great chat with Christine Anu on ABC Radio National’s Weekend Evenings – talking about the themes of Water and Dust, how Rob Hirst and William Barton came into my life and became involved with the album, pairing the Irish bouzouki with didgeridoo, hearing Midnight Oil’s Beds Are Burning in a cab in Beijing, and how insects are a great indicator on when the fish are biting. Once you listen, it’ll all make sense.

“… we are part of nature … we are water and dust ourselves

William Crighton, interviewed on weekend evenings, ABC Radio National

After Christine talks about penguins, mozzies and nightmares at the start of her show, our conversation starts at around the 15 minute mark.

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