Join me on Patreon

Join me on Patreon

Hello friends,

After a lot of consideration I am excited to begin this Patreon journey with you. Lets see how it evolves!

I would like to tell you a little about why I’ve decided to make Patreon the home of my exclusive online content and Crighton Campfire.

Let me start by saying that my relationship with social media over the years has been a complicated one.

While I wholeheartedly love being able to connect with you in a convenient and personal way, there are many negative things about the current popular platforms and operating systems that I find hard to navigate and reconcile with.

For me, music has always been about the live shows and connecting with you. That’s where I always felt at home.

During the pandemic, I was forced into a the less familiar virtual world to reach you with music. This turned out to be one of the unforeseen positive consequences of being house bound as Crighton Campfire was born out of that struggle.

With live shows back on, it has never been more clear that while online content can never replace the live experience, it has a very special place of it’s own and I would like to continue to share these moments and these shows with you.

Patreon is a platform where I feel we have some safety and freedom to share some of our more personal and behind the scenes content such as tour videos, new unreleased songs, interviews with interesting people, travel diaries, bush trips and exclusive live streams and performances.

I never stop appreciating all of you for the enduring support. You are the reason that we can continue to do this and I hope that through this platform we are share our lives and our music and show you some appreciation for your kindness and your time.

Without you there is no way to continue to make music the way we do.

As always, thank you. Big love,



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