William Crighton

William Crighton - the eponymous debut album

From the ABC Music website:

For the deep-voiced songwriter and intense live performer, there were no short cuts taken to arrive at this self-titled album. Beneath each track are thousands of kilometres, and within are stories wrought of trees and roads and dust, soaked in the essence of our ancient continent.

“Recorded in a house on the rugged banks of Burrinjuck Dam, near the South West Slopes region of NSW, the record paints a vivid picture of its protagonist: philosopher, romantic and a “pacifist who sometimes fantasises of killing”. The eleven tracks, which feature Crighton’s wife Jules on backing vocals and brother Luke on bass guitar, are produced by Matt Sherrod and shift between whimsical ballads and full-blooded, expansive rock sojourns.

Woven into Crighton’s classic folk-rock sensibility is vivid prose. These tales are alive with visceral imagery and the echoes of a spiritual upbringing.

Track Listing

1. Love Is Hard To Find
2. Jesus Blues
3. 2000 Clicks
4. Riverina Kid
5. Woman Like You
6. Priest
7. On My Way
8. Dig Your Mind
9. Smile
10. Night For A Dream
11. Woman Like You Reprise

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