Music Classes at Hunter Correctional Centre

Music Classes at Hunter Correctional Centre

It’s been great to have the music program I run at the Hunter Correctional Centre get some media attention. The centre runs Skill Classes for inmates, and I’ve been looking after the music classes for two sessions each week when around.

… many inmates were gifted musically and developing their skills was proving an instrumental part of their rehabilitation … To have such a talented performer helping inmates hone their skills means they learn a lot very quickly, and our hope is that they continue to turn to this creative outlet once released back into the community – more music, less crime.”

Brad Peebles, Cessnock Correctional Centre Governor – quoted in The Advertiser
Picture by Simone De Peak, photo from The Advertiser article

John Schumann (of Goanna) came by to teach a lesson, and the inmates played one of his songs.

You can watch the NBN News story, listen to the ABC Radio story, or if you’ve got a subscription, read The Advertiser article.

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