Golden Age

Golden Age

Liz Stringer · William Crighton
Julieanne Crighton · Beans on Toast
Jim Moginie · Rob Hirst

About this track

It was Liz’s idea to do “Golden Age”. When I sat down with her to go through it, the first line “All the screens are filled with heroes and losers but the sky’s still filled with stars” sunk in and the song had me.

It felt natural for us to tackle an Oils song, because of the respective relationships we have with the band and our shared respect for their songwriting and musicality.

The idea grew and everything aligned for us all to converge for a few hours and run some takes at Oceanic. Jim and Rob contributed their mastery in their usual humble way. Jules and Beans singing BV’s too. Was a beautiful evening, bit surreal really.

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Released 28 February 2023

Engineered by Daniel Hackett at Oceanic Studio in Sydney
Mixed by Damien Charles
Mastered by Eric Boulanger.

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